Section of the Office of the Secretary

  • Human Resource and Legal Department
  • Property Administration Department
  • Filing Service Department
  • Complaints Department
Maintains a record of complaints in a central register of the complaints received by the Borough Municipal Authority of Prague 2, including complaints received by the Mayor, Deputy Mayors, the Borough Assembly, Borough Council, and the chairmen of the Assembly’s commissions and committees.  In this regard, it checks on the timely, complete, and correct processing of complaints.  The Complaints Department carries out control activities as concerns the factual performance of contracts concerning the cleanliness of the district, upkeep of public greenery, etc.  It also carries out other control activities on the basis of a request of the Council of the Borough of Prague 2, Mayor, Deputy Mayors, and the Secretary of the Borough Authority.  It carries out control activities by means of investigation in the sphere of transport – special use of roads (occupation, parking, stall-based sales).  It carries out control activities as concerns gambling machines.